Balloon World is a professional balloon decorating company located at 828 North Mills Avenue in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 1979 by Melanie Maracek, the company was purchased in 1987 by Guy Rexford and incorporated by current co-owners Guy Rexford and Randy Jones in April, 1993.

Guy Rexford, President and Certified Balloon Artist, brings over 25 years of expertise in balloon decorating and party planning. First as an advertising executive, Guy helped develop promotional products for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Prior to purchasing Balloon World, he co-founded another successful balloon company Gainesville, Florida.

Randy Jones, Vice President, comes to Balloon World with over 30 years in professional kitchen, bath and interior design. He handles the everyday business side of the company as well as being an integral part of the production team for all events.

Balloon World is committed to creating balloon decorations that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations making each event spectacular, regardless of size.

From individual balloons to major press events, our team of professionals work clostly together to address your every need. Since our inception in 1970, our experienced team has worked with hundreds of corporations, associations and non-profit organizations to produce highly successful events. Over the years we’ve worked hard to build a reputation of responsiveness and professionalism.