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Get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150!

Helium FAQ

Helium Tank FAQ's

I'm not sure what size of tank I should rent.
Give us a call at 407-898-8500 and we'll be happy to identify which tank you'll need. 

Where do I go to pickup my tank rental?
Our store is located at 6870 Stapoint Ct. Winter Park, FL 32792. Please park out front, and enter through the main store glass doors located at the front of the building.

Do you explain how to use the tank and inflator?
Yes. When you arrive we'll explain how to transport your tank safely, how to connect the inflator to the tank, and how to inflate balloons.

Can I go into the store to rent a tank?
Yes, you can go directly inside to order a helium tank!

What comes with my rental?
Each rental includes: the helium tank rented (the tank is filled to 1800 PSI), and a basic latex balloon inflator.

I want to inflate mylar balloons. Do I need a special inflator?
Yes. The basic inflator included with the rental is designed to inflate latex balloons only. If you plan on inflating mylar balloons, you'll need to upgrade your inflator to a "Dual Latex and Mylar Inflator" so the foil balloons do not pop.

Can I keep my rental longer than the 3-Day rental period?
Yes. If you need the tank longer than the standard 3-day period, let our staff know so we can create a custom quote for you. Any tanks not returned by the 3-Day rental period (without a extended time frame agreement) will be charged the applicable late fees of $15/day, until the tank is returned.

My tank is due back on the weekend or a holiday, but Balloon World is closed. Will I be charged extra days?
No. If your 3-Day time period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or a holiday when we are closed, you may return the tank on the next business day. There is no charge for any day Balloon World is closed.

How do you calculate the 3-Day rental period?
The day you pick your tank up counts as day one. Two additional business days later (Tuesday through Friday), the tank must be returned to our retail store. For example, if you pick up your tank on Tuesday, the tank must be returned on Thursday. If you pick up your tank on Friday, the tank must be returned on Wednesday.

Why is the late fee charged per day? 
Prompt and punctual returns of our rented tanks guarantee the tanks will be available for the next rental. We're happy to set up longer rentals to suit your needs, but it's important for us to know when you'll be returning the tank, so we can make sure it's ready for the next rental. Because of this, it's important to return the tank on schedule. Our rates for extended tank rental are significantly lower than our late fees!

What is the best way to transport cylinders?
When in a vehicle, always transport your cylinders lying down and secured from rolling around. IMPORTANT: Always remove the balloon inflator from the tank prior to transporting it in a vehicle. The balloon inflator can break easily. When renting a 200 cu. ft. tank, be sure to screw on the provided steel cap before transporting.

How do I prevent helium from escaping from the tank, when not in use?
Always close your tank's top valve, when not in active use! The inflator is designed to direct the flow of helium out of the tank, but is NOT a reliable way to close the tank. 

My tank seems to be running out of helium more quickly than I expected! Help!
All tanks are pressurized to 1800psi prior to leaving the store, and the pressure level will be demonstrated to you at turnover. The best way to make sure helium stays in your tank is to fully close the top valve at all times when the tank is not in current, active use. 

Do I need to fill out the rental agreement before I arrive to pickup my tank?
Yes. We ask all customers to complete the Rental Agreement prior to pick up.

Can I prepay for the helium tank rental, ahead of time?
Certainly! Give us a call at 407-898-8500 or email us at, and we can set up your rental for online prepayment. 

I have a sales tax exemption. Can sales tax be removed from my helium tank rental?
Absolutely. We'll need a copy of your sales tax exemption certificate (send to, and we'll set up an invoice for online payment, with sales tax removed. 

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