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Pack of 100
Assorted Colors Include: Pale Blue and Purple Violet

5" printed balloons are great for adding into centerpieces, air-filled decor or for balloon twisters to use as a quick integration into a twisted balloon design for a customer. Package includes 100 latex balloons featuring the faces from the movies Frozen and Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa. 5" balloons can be easily inflated with air using a hand pump. Balloons do not float and are shipped flat.

Assorted Colors include: Pale Blue and Purple VioletThese 5" round Anna & Elsa Faces Assortment latex balloons from Qualatex are perfect for a Frozen themed party or for using as accents for centerpieces, balloon deliveries and with balloon animals. Package includes 100 5" ANNA & ELSA FACES ASSORTMENT latex balloons. Recommended to be inflated with a hand pump or balloon air inflator as they do not hold helium. Balloons do not float and arrive uninflated.

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