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Pack of 100
Assorted Colors Include: Pink, Pale Blue, Yellow, Wild Berry

5" printed balloons are great for adding into centerpieces, air-filled decor or for balloon twisters to use as a quick integration into a twisted balloon design for a customer. Package includes 100 latex balloons featuring the face of Disney's Minnie Mouse. Balloons can be easily inflated with air using a handpump. Balloons do not float and come flat.

Assorted Colors include: Pink, Pale Blue, Yellow & Wild Berry

These 5" round Minnie Mouse Face latex balloons from Qualatex are perfect for a Minnie Mouse themed party or for using as accents for centerpieces, balloon deliveries and with balloon animals. Package includes 100 5" MINNIE MOUSE FACE latex balloons. Recommended to be inflated with a hand pump or balloon air inflator as they do not hold helium. Balloons do not float and arrive uninflated.

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